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Tips to make your baby grow smarter

Đăng bởi quantrihazo - 10:53 24/03/2022

Tips to make your baby grow smarter – A bright, healthy baby is the wish of all mothers. However, in addition to educational methods, we also need to care about our children’s nutrition. Therefore, babies need to be supplemented with the necessary nutrients for the most comprehensive brain development.

Tips to make your baby grow smarter
Tips to make your baby grow smarter

Important stages of brain development help your baby grow smarter

Cognitive development experts consider the early years of a child’s life to be the most critical in forming intelligence and brain function. At this time, parents are ready to do everything to help their children have the opportunity to learn and absorb all knowledge as quickly as possible. In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to the daily nutrition of the baby. Babies have different nutritional needs at each milestone, so parents need to adjust their food accordingly.

Infants should not be overloaded with activities that are too advanced. Understanding what stage of development your baby is at will help guide actions. Stimulating your baby’s mind at their current level of development helps encourage learning without overstimulating and interfering with their growth, development, and emotional well-being.

0 to 2 months old

At this age, babies use their eyes to follow and recognize people and things, show boredom when activities remain unchanged, turn toward sounds, and respond with cooing sounds when prompted. Talk.

2 to 4 months old

In this state, a baby reaches for toys and other objects, uses his hands and eyes to follow moving objects with his eyes, and looks closely at people, faces, and animals using babbling sounds. Sense and reproduce sounds.

4 to 6 months old

Some of the critical milestones at this age are bringing objects to the mouth, passing objects from hand to hand, trying to reach for things that are out of reach, making sounds in response to sounds, times turning “says,” reacts to being called uses expressive sounds for emotions, and begins to use consonant sounds and string vowels.

6 to 9 months old

Starting at about 6 months, a baby plays peek-a-boo, puts objects in their mouth, picks up cereal or other foods with their thumb and index finger, looks for hidden things, understands the meaning of “No,” mimicking sounds and pointing with fingers what the child wants.

9 to 12 months old

A few months before the age of one, children explore by throwing, banging, etc., finding hidden objects, choosing the proper thing or picture, using the correct object (cup, spoon), following instructions, Giving simple instructions, trying to imitate words heard, use gestures for “no” and “hello, goodbye” and respond to simple requests.

12 to 18 months old

During this developmental stage, milestones include knowing everyday objects, showing interest in toys and uses, pointing to body parts, scribbling, following one-step commands, Saying some words, shake your head for “no” and “yes.” And please tell me when you want something.

2 years old

By age 2, toddlers can sort shapes and colors, complete rhymes and short word sentences, build a mini-tower from blocks, follow two-step instructions, and repeat words.

3 years old

Children can follow instructions in about three steps, communicate to name familiar things and people, carry out three-sentence conversations, and communicate well enough for people outside the family to understand them. For example, three-year-olds can build four-piece puzzles, work with toys with moving parts, build six-block towers, and start using fountain pens or pencils.

4-6 years old

Children speak and walk fluently, use language to communicate, and develop intelligence, independence, and curiosity to learn about the world around them. Children are very active, often dismantling or breaking things to find out. Perception also develops, can distinguish right from wrong, honest but not yet mature. Children have learned to distinguish genders, develop gender-specific personalities, and prefer gender-biased games such as boys playing superheroes and girls playing dolls.

Hismart milk is fully supplemented with nutrients to help children grow taller and grow smart

Hismart is a premium nutritional dairy product from New Zealand. Hismart has 4 numbers, and it corresponds to each stage of the child’s development. At each stage, children need different amounts and volumes of nutrients. Therefore, Hismart has been flexible in classifying products to suit the needs of children in each location.

With Hismart, mothers will not have to worry too much about their children’s nutrition in each stage. Instead, Hismart helps children develop naturally, grow taller, and grow smarter without premature puberty. Raise an intelligent, healthy child, a leisurely mother with Hismart.

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