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Symptoms of a milk allergy in children

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Symptoms of a milk allergy in children make the child uncomfortable, and the body cannot absorb nutrients, leading to poor health. Milk allergy has different manifestations and depends on the baby’s location. Some cases only have mild symptoms and affect a few parts of the body, such as hives on the skin and sore throat.

Symptoms Of A Milk Allergy In Children
Symptoms of a milk allergy in children

Symptoms of a milk allergy in children – What Is Milk Allergy?

Milk allergy is a condition where the immune system perceives a threat from the protein content in cow’s milk, the base for most baby milk powder products, and overreacts to it. This effort of the baby’s immune system to fight the threat causes an allergic reaction and triggers the release of chemicals like histamine.

Causes of Milk Allergies in Infants

The primary cause of an allergy to milk in infants is administering formula-based dairy containing cow’s milk protein. Symptoms of a milk allergy in children include:

  • A family history of allergies
  • Giving formula-based supplements for breast milk too early to the baby
  • Some vaccines administered to the baby may also result in allergies
  • The condition at the time of birth, mode of delivery, diet plan and nutrition, and changes to the microbiome (the microorganisms in a particular environment) can also influence allergies.

How Common is Milk Allergy in Babies?

Symptoms of a milk allergy in children are not very common in babies. Only two to eight percent of babies under one year are allergic to milk. The allergy corrects itself in most cases by the time the baby is three years old, but it can last up to six to eight years in some cases. Rarely the allergy continues up to adulthood.

Can Breastfeeding Babies Have Milk Allergy?

A baby can react to the mother’s milk from traces of proteins that may pass from her diet into her breast milk. Cow’s milk is the most common food to trigger an allergic reaction in babies through mother’s milk. However, developing an allergy via this route is much less than creating an allergy by food fed directly.

Symptoms of a milk allergy in children

The milk allergy symptoms might appear within the first few days of breastfeeding. The symptoms may also occur after introducing formula-based milk to your child. Following are the symptoms of allergy in babies:

  • Coughing and trouble breathing
  • Vomiting and diarrhea
  • Wheezing
  • Loose stools, with chances of containing blood
  • Skin rashes and red spots
  • A drop in blood pressure that might cause light-headedness and loss of consciousness
  • Hoarseness and tightness in the throat
  • Gagging and refusal to feed

The allergy may also lead to a severe allergic reaction known as anaphylaxis which can adversely affect the baby’s blood pressure, skin, and breathing patterns.

Milk allergy baby poop pictures
Milk allergy baby poop pictures

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How to handle when your symptoms of a milk allergy in children

If, unfortunately, the baby has a solid reaction to formula milk, which is mainly due to the baby’s hypersensitivity, the best way to limit this situation is to breastfeed the baby in the first stage exclusively.

In the absence of breast milk,  can be given infant formula, but they should take care to feed the baby little by little to see if the baby is allergic to that type of milk. Then, if it is safe, parents can gradually increase the amount of milk the next time.

Note: Children who are allergic to cow’s milk are more likely to be allergic to other foods (goat’s milk, soy milk,…). Therefore, during the baby’s weaning period, parents should pay more attention to this issue and need to see an Allergist specialist for advice on a suitable diet.

In addition, parents can also take their children to be screened for allergies by taking skin tests and blood tests. Failure to detect milk allergy in children can affect their physical development and long-term health. Below, we would like to introduce the Hismart milk line to help children grow taller and smarter.

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Hismart is the perfect product to help your child grow taller and grow smarter

Hismart is one of the 100% imported height-increasing milk lines in New Zealand. Hismart has a unique formula to help children grow up, with perfect quality milk ingredients from dairy cows in the pasture, eating fresh grass, and drinking clean water. This allows your baby to develop naturally rather than through precocious puberty.

Hismart formula is made 100% in cans at Winston Nutritional Company, the largest formula factory in Mount Wellington, Auckland, New Zealand. With a modern factory, advanced production technology, and a team of leading scientists worldwide. Hismart formula products manufactured by Winston Nutritional have been allowed to be imported into many of the world’s most demanding countries and markets: Singapore, China, Taiwan…

Products to support children’s natural development, not early puberty

New Zealand is the world’s dairy paradise, and its cows enjoy the world’s best environmental quality and welfare standards. Large pastures, fresh air, and clean water help dairy cows produce quality milk.

Not only about the environment, but New Zealand is also famous worldwide for its natural dairy farming method. Here, dairy cows can eat fresh grass, drink clean water, and graze all year freely, without using industrial feed, growth hormones, and stimulants. As a result, according to statistics, on average, for every 2.8 cows grazing on 1 hectare of pasture with a comprehensive disease prevention system, the cows do not suffer from infectious diseases and are not stressed. Favored by nature and the natural grazing process, cow’s milk in New Zealand is always guaranteed the best quality.

Products of Hismart

1. Hismart 01 Infant Formula

In addition to fully meeting essential ingredients for infants, such as protein, vitamins, and minerals, Hismart No. 1 dinosaur milk also possesses outstanding advantages that not all mothers know.

DHA – is an essential component in the central nervous system and is extremely important for developing the baby’s brain, nervous system, eyesight, and immune system. In addition, supplementing with Nucleotides, a natural component found in breast milk, plays a vital role in optimizing immune responses, increasing natural resistance, and increasing milk-friendliness.

2. Hismart 02 Follow-on Formula

Hismart Dinosaur Milk No. 2 helps support babies during the period of reduced breast milk. However, the baby will get used to solid foods at this stage, so it is easy to lack iron, anemia, and imbalance in some essential vitamins.

Hismart Follow-on will help balance the proportion of iron that children lack. In addition, vitamins C, protein, calcium, DHA, and ARA will support the healthy development of your baby. The set of four: Choline, Inositol, L-Carnitine, Nucleotides, Taurine will be the best companion for your baby’s immune system and nervous system.

3. Hismart 03 Growing Up Formula

Hismart Dinosaur Milk No. 3 for children from 12-24 months old; This is a period of significant growth. At this stage, being provided with adequate nutrients is extremely necessary.

Mainly the essential nutrients are found in Hismart No. 3 dinosaur milk for children at this stage: iron, calcium, DHA. At this stage, children need 4.8mg of iron, 500mg of calcium, and 40mg of DHA for one day. Therefore, at Hismart No. 3, iron content is maintained at 5.4mg / 100g of powdered milk, and vitamin C is increased to 70mg / 100g of powdered milk for maximum iron absorption by children.

4. Hismart 04 Junior Growing Up Formula

The age of 2 and up is a special milestone for children. The brain develops quickly; the baby loves and is eager for all forms of movement when gradually using flexible legs. Mothers are always concerned about ensuring nutrition and a balance of nutrients, especially for children brought to kindergarten early by their mothers.

Understanding the mother’s feelings, Hismart Junior (Hismart No. 4) brings a balanced nutritional formula of DHA – Iron – Calcium and a combination of vitamins A, C, E, K1 to help the baby prepare the foundation of the brain. Sharp eyesight, strong teeth, and bones.

Hismart accompanies the mother to take care of her baby every day. “

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