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Smarter with Hismart milk from New Zealand

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Smarter with Hismart milk from New Zealand is a unique combination of 40 nutrients with 25 vitamins and minerals to help children increase height and brain without worrying about early puberty. The first 1000 days of life is a golden period for babies to develop size and brain. At this stage, adding nutrients, vitamins and minerals are extremely necessary. For mothers who lack milk to breastfeed, or for special reasons, the baby is not breastfed in the first two years. It is equally important to choose a safe and quality formula for the baby.

Smarter with Hismart milk from New Zealand
Smarter with Hismart milk from New Zealand

Smarter with Hismart milk from New Zealand

Hismart is a 100% whole milk formula produced in New Zealand. Hismart New Zealand Milk formula is a unique, balanced combination of 40 nutrients with 25 vitamins and minerals. This combination is a significant breakthrough to help bring essential nutrients to the baby to grow up, develop comprehensively, significantly increase height, develop intelligence and not worry about early puberty.

Nutritional ingredients to help children develop comprehensively

In Hismart, there are Nucleotides – a natural ingredient in breast milk. This ingredient plays a vital role in optimizing immune responses, helping to increase resistance, and reducing the risk of common bacterial infections in children such as diarrhea, diphtheria, and meningitis. In addition, DHA supplemented with high content is a factor that helps parents feel secure about their child’s IQ.

Not only has DHA and Nucleotides, but Hismart formula also contains outstandingly high calcium content to help parents’ babies increase height, teeth, and bones.

In addition, this product line also contains Choline and Inositol, which are two essential and indispensable components in cells. Choline plays a crucial role in fat metabolism, participating in nerve transmission. Inositol works to create phospholipids that are critical components of cell membranes and nerve cells.

In addition to the above essential ingredients, Hismart formula also contains the necessary ingredients for the comprehensive development of the baby, such as:

ARA (arachidonic acid) – is an essential component of the central nervous system.

Iron: is an essential mineral for the health and development of infants and young children. Hismart formula adds a reasonable amount of iron combined with vitamin C to help children absorb this particular mineral to the maximum.

Vitamin K1: The vitamin K1 content in Hismart meets New Zealand’s strictest standards. Vitamin K1 has a vital role in blood clotting, bone and teeth, and cardiovascular systems.

On the other hand, Hismart contains four vegetable oils, including soybean oil, palm oil, sunflower oil with high Oleic content, and coconut oil, which play an essential role in optimal energy metabolism, increasing energy levels. In addition, it enhances calcium absorption effectively and helps relieve constipation.

Babies who use formula are often constipated because milk contains substances that are difficult to dissolve, so the intestines need more water to dissolve them. As a result, your baby’s intestines will absorb more water, making the stools dry.

Hismart milk formula is supplemented with (FOS) – soluble fiber with suitable content for each child’s developmental stage. This amount of soluble fiber helps increase the beneficial intestinal bacteria Bifidus to improve the condition of dry stools in children. As a result, the softness of the baby’s seat will be balanced in an ideal state.

One more helpful information for mothers: Formula nutrition products are made from cow’s milk, often containing indigestible protein that causes allergies (Beta-lactoglobulin). But with its unique technique, Hismart has decomposed them into the most easily digestible state.

New Zealand is the land of milk for children worldwide

Hismart is produced in New Zealand – the land of milk for children worldwide. New Zealand, a country famous for its clean environment, is recognized by professional consumers as the most reliable address for the world’s leading premium dairy products.

You may not know that New Zealand sets its standards for the welfare of dairy cows. Every year, her farmers and livestock cooperatives are assessed independently. Environmental standards are strictly checked with inspection teams observing animal welfare and measuring food safety in each production facility.

Unlike dairy cows in industrialized countries, dairy cows in New Zealand spend more time outdoors enjoying the grass and fresh air. In addition, in New Zealand, healthy cows are treated humanely to produce superior, more nutritious milk. In particular, saying no to industrial growth hormones in dairy farming will make mothers feel secure with the source of Hismart production materials without worrying about their children having early puberty.

Products recommended by experts

Nutritional sources to ensure good health for children, if supplemented in excess, will lead to obesity, overweight, inadequate supplementation leads to stunting. One of the parents’ concerns is that there are so many supplements and dairy products that they do not know which are suitable for their children. Therefore, supplementing milk is extremely important for young children especially babies 1-2 years old.

Hismart milk products have many great ingredients and advantages, which many parents have now trusted and chosen. For example, Hismart milk has a gold-standard ratio of Calcium and Phosphorus. In addition, Hismart also has DHA and Omega 3-6-9, essential ingredients to help children develop retinal cells and neurons, increase neurotransmitters, and increase IQ …

Hismart milk is imported in 100% cans from New Zealand, where the cows are raised naturally and eat organic food without using weight gainers or pesticides. In addition, with New Zealand quality tests, Hismart is a very safe product.

Hismart is very suitable to add to the daily nutritional diet of children, thanks to the addition of more than 40 different types of micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Hismart is suitable for babies from birth to over three years old; parents can rest assured to supplement Hismart milk for their children.

Hismart’s products

Hismart is one of the 100% imported height-increasing milk lines in New Zealand. Hismart has a unique formula to help children grow taller, with perfect quality milk ingredients from dairy cows on the prairie, eating fresh grass, and drinking clean water. This allows your baby to grow taller, grow smarter and not early Puberty.

1. Hismart 01 Infant Formula

Hismart - Increase height effectively
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In addition to fully meeting essential ingredients for infants, such as protein, vitamins, and minerals, Hismart No. 1 dinosaur milk also possesses outstanding advantages that not all mothers know.

DHA – is an essential component in the central nervous system and is extremely important for developing the baby’s brain, nervous system, eyesight, and immune system. In addition, supplementing with Nucleotides, a natural component found in breast milk, plays a vital role in optimizing immune responses, increasing natural resistance, and increasing milk-friendliness.

2. Hismart 02 Follow-on Formula

Hismart - Increase height effectively
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Hismart Dinosaur Milk No. 2 helps support babies during the period of reduced breast milk. However, the baby will get used to solid foods at this stage, so it is easy to lack iron, anemia, and imbalance in some essential vitamins.

Hismart Follow-on will help balance the proportion of iron that children lack. In addition, vitamins C, protein, calcium, DHA, and ARA will support the healthy development of your baby. The set of four: Choline, Inositol, L-Carnitine, Nucleotides, Taurine will be the best companion for your baby’s immune system and nervous system.

3. Hismart 03 Growing Up Formula

Hismart - Increase height effectively
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Hismart Dinosaur Milk No. 3 for children from 12-24 months old; This is a period of significant growth. At this stage, being provided with adequate nutrients is extremely necessary.

Mainly the essential nutrients are found in Hismart No. 3 dinosaur milk for children at this stage: iron, calcium, DHA. At this stage, children need 4.8mg of iron, 500mg of calcium, and 40mg of DHA for one day. Therefore, at Hismart No. 3, iron content is maintained at 5.4mg / 100g of powdered milk, and vitamin C is increased to 70mg / 100g of powdered milk for maximum iron absorption by children.

4. Hismart 04 Junior Growing Up Formula

Hismart - Increase height effectively
Smarter with Hismart milk from New Zealand >>> Order here

The age of 2 and up is a special milestone for children. The brain develops quickly; the baby loves and is eager for all forms of movement when gradually using flexible legs. Mothers are always concerned about ensuring nutrition and a balance of nutrients, especially for children brought to kindergarten early by their mothers.

Understanding the mother’s feelings, Hismart Junior (Hismart No. 4) brings a balanced nutritional formula of DHA – Iron – Calcium and a combination of vitamins A, C, E, K1 to help the baby prepare the foundation of the brain. Sharp eyesight, strong teeth, and bones.

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