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Foods that help children increase height effectively

Đăng bởi quantrihazo - 10:52 24/03/2022

The increase height of our children is essentially determined by genetics, and children grow at different rates. Some children begin their growth phases early, while others are late bloomers. Although your child’s development is on track, you may be wondering how to boost your child’s height, particularly if your child is experiencing delayed or stunted growth.

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Solutions to help children improve their height effectively

While what is endowed by nature is constant, nurturing tends to make a big difference. So to know how to boost your child’s height, we need to understand the factors that affect their growth.


A lack of sleep will not affect your child’s growth in the short term. However, because human growth hormones are secreted during sleep, a long-term lack of sleep will affect your child’s development. Accordingly, having more sleep can help your kids grow taller.


It is well accepted that the human bone adapts to load or stress by becoming more robust, and exercise is one of the most effective ways to boost the human growth hormone. Hence, exercising is crucial to helping your kids grow taller.


Improving nutrition is undeniably one of the ways you can help your child grow taller. Foods that provide protein, calcium, iron, and vitamins are essential for a child’s development. These nutrients are found in the main food groups – grains, fruits, vegetables, protein foods, and especially dairy.

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Foods that help children increase height effectively

Milk is a food that helps children grow taller

Milk is one of the most effective foods to increase height. Milk is rich in calcium, which promotes growth and helps bones become strong. Besides, vitamin A in milk helps children’s bodies absorb calcium better. In addition, milk is also rich in protein, which helps grow cells in the body. Therefore, you should give your child 2-3 glasses of milk per day.

Food cereals to increase ideal height

What to eat to increase height fastest? Cereals are one of the ideal foods with an abundant source of energy along with fiber, vitamins, iron, magnesium, and selenium. In addition, grains are also rich in calories, which play an essential role in the development of children. Typically, brown rice, pasta, and whole wheat are foods that help children grow taller.


Chicken is an attractive and stimulating dish for children. This is delicious meat for children, rich in protein, helps children increase height most effectively, and makes bones more supple. You can cook chicken in many different ways, such as boiled, steamed, or fried, depending on your baby’s preference.

Eggs are foods that help children grow taller.

Eggs contain protein with high biological value, are easy to absorb, and have many amino acids to support muscle activity, enzymes, and nutrients that play a significant role in increasing height for children.

According to experts, 100g of eggs contains 10.8g of protein. An average large egg has 2.7g of protein from the yolk and 3.6g of protein from the white. In addition, the egg yolk also provides a lot of fat, vitamins, and minerals that are essential for the development of children, such as iron, vitamin A, and zinc.

Therefore, depending on the baby’s age, you should add eggs to the meal by boiling or cooking egg porridge, limiting frying because it is too greasy, or cooking eggs too thoroughly. You should not eat raw eggs because they are easy to eat infection. On the other hand, this is a great food to provide protein.

Dairy foods help improve height.

An effective height increase diet will be indispensable for dairy foods such as cheese, yogurt, yogurt …, and rich sources of vitamins A, B, D, E, protein, and calcium to help children grow taller. Fast.

One of the most effective ways to increase height is to ensure complete, balanced, and suitable nutrition for your child, and at the same time, give your child plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits with meals during the day.

Ensure the right amount of calcium, iron, and vitamin A in your child’s daily nutrition. Parents should combine these minerals in their children’s daily diet with Hismart milk, which will benefit your child’s height development.

Foods that help children increase height effectively
Foods that help children increase height effectively

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Products of Hismart

1. Hismart 01 Infant Formula

In addition to fully meeting essential ingredients for infants, such as protein, vitamins, and minerals, Hismart No. 1 dinosaur milk also possesses outstanding advantages that not all mothers know.

DHA – is an essential component in the central nervous system and is extremely important for developing the baby’s brain, nervous system, eyesight, and immune system. In addition, supplementing with Nucleotides, a natural component found in breast milk, plays a vital role in optimizing immune responses, increasing natural resistance, and increasing milk-friendliness.

2. Hismart 02 Follow-on Formula 

Hismart Dinosaur Milk No. 2 helps support babies during the period of reduced breast milk. However, the baby will get used to solid foods at this stage, so it is easy to lack iron, anemia, and imbalance in some essential vitamins.

Hismart Follow-on will help balance the proportion of iron that children lack. In addition, vitamins C, protein, calcium, DHA, and ARA will support the healthy development of your baby. The set of four: Choline, Inositol, L-Carnitine, Nucleotides, Taurine will be the best companion for your baby’s immune system and nervous system.

3. Hismart 03 Growing Up Formula 

Hismart Dinosaur Milk No. 3 for children from 12-24 months old; This is a period of significant growth. At this stage, being provided with adequate nutrients is extremely necessary.

Mainly the essential nutrients are found in Hismart No. 3 dinosaur milk for children at this stage: iron, calcium, DHA. At this stage, children need 4.8mg of iron, 500mg of calcium, and 40mg of DHA for 1 day. Therefore, at Hismart No. 3, iron content is maintained at 5.4mg / 100g of powdered milk, and vitamin C is increased to 70mg / 100g of powdered milk for maximum iron absorption by children.

4. Hismart 04 Junior Growing Up Formula 

The age of 2 and up is a special milestone for children. The brain develops quickly; the baby loves and is eager for all forms of movement when gradually using flexible legs. Mothers are always concerned about ensuring nutrition and a balance of nutrients, especially for children brought to kindergarten early by their mothers.

Understanding the mother’s feelings, Hismart Junior (Hismart No. 4) brings a balanced nutritional formula of DHA – Iron – Calcium and a combination of vitamins A, C, E, K1 to help the baby prepare the foundation of the brain. Sharp eyesight, strong teeth, and bones.

“Hismart accompanies the mother to take care of her baby every day”

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